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About Us

Venuus, founded by P. Roberts, started its journey back in 2013 when here turned from working in California after working for one of the world’s largest tech companies.


Peter founded what is now one of the most significant Cloud-based EPOS systems available. After selling this business to iZettle, PWAR Creative was born to resell cloud-based EPOS systems. It successfully became one of the biggest resellers in the UK, servicing customers across the United Kingdom and Europe. As we grew, Peter noticed a void between business owners’ expansion goals and the technology used. After working closely with some key clients, there was something in common with the businesses. They had consistently been sold the wrong technology and were frustrated having to invest money into new systems every time they grew. The tech they had often left them unable to identify operational issues, so they couldn’t see where to invest money to increase revenue or where money was being wasted.


After working with Cutlery Works in Sheffield, a large food hall, we quickly realised that these types of venues need to be as streamlined as possible, with all the systems working seamlessly together. With the team’s knowledge of IT systems and our extraordinary insight into how hospitality businesses functioned, we managed to create a complete ecosystem designed specifically for food halls and multi-site operators.


Venuus has evolved into its own independent business that bridges the gap between operations and technology. We challenge tech’s perception as just an output of a function, to a tool to empower growth. We have designed the perfect ecosystem of tech and expert insight to identify what you need to increase sales, decrease costs and drive your expansion.

The Team

Venuus has grown its team with a combination of highly skilled individuals, who have a range of professional and industry related skills. We believe in having the right people and nurturing talent so we can empower them and you.


All our team have a hospitality/tech background, meaning we are not just a team of techies but rather a team that has real knowledge of how our software is used by the businesses we service.


We never outsource or subcontract our work and instead work with a select few clients to offer the very best service.